VTI DF Series Speaker Stands (Pair)

Regular price $155.00

Sturdy iron construction helps these stands to support speakers of various sizes. With an excellent acoustic quality and classy appearance, VTI speaker stands are a tribute to form and function all while complementing the elegance of any home. These top of the line products to support all speakers, light and heavy, with the highest acoustic quality and excellent cosmetic appearance.

  • Beautifully textured powder coated cast iron base with heavy gauge steel top plate and pillar.
  • Heavy duty and long lasting stand for support all kinds of speakers with excellent sound performance.
  • Adjustable spikes on bottom provide excellent stability.
  • Metal bits or sand fill able to increase stability and reduce sound distortion.
  • Equipped with spikes and footplate discs for various floor needs.
  • Finish: Black.

Base Plate: 10 3/4'' (W) x 12 3/4" (D)

Top Plate: 6 1/2'' (W) x 8" (D)